Joining a Small Group is a great way to build godly community and dive deeper into God’s Word. We have 10 different groups to choose from with amazing leaders who love people and love Jesus. We can’t wait to see how God will move in these groups!

mitch & Daisy Barton

Community has been essential to our walk with Christ. Satan fears a united church walking in authority, empowered by the Holy Spirit. We are excited to grow in spirit and truth, making plans to combat spiritual warfare through the word of God, lift each other up in prayer, and walk in victory over sin through Christ together!

WHEN: Tues. @ 6:30 PM    |    FREQUENCY: Bi-Weekly 

Jim & Amy Herron

We are excited to build relationships within our local church at TOV as well as caring for and being cared for by our brothers and sisters. Sharing our lives with one another, watch Christ be Glorified in each others lives, sharing our good times and troublesome times, carrying one another's burdens, etc..

WHEN: 6:00 PM    |    FREQUENCY: Bi-Weekly     |    CHILDCARE: TBD     |    CAPACITY: Full


We are excited to develop relationships with people from TOV, to get to know some on a deeper level. We are able to love one another and rejoice in the blessings from God and support one another through trials and difficult times. This is an opportunity to grow and mature with our small group through Scripture, prayer and God’s leading.

WHEN: Wed. @ 7:00 PM    |    FREQUENCY: Weekly    |   CHILDCARE: TBD    |    CAPACITY: Full

JOE & Barbara bell

We are thrilled to be able to share and grow Spiritually with our TOV family! We all go through stuff in life that is hard. Gathering in a small group is an awesome way to share God’s word, our own experiences and thoughts, and to support each other while we look to Jesus together and make much of Him!

WHEN: Thursdays @  7:00PM  | FREQUENCY: Bi-Weekly     |    CHILDCARE: No    |    CAPACITY: 15


Jon and I have been a part of several small groups in the past and it has been a true Blessing to us. We feel this will be a great opportunity for our Spiritual growth as well as those who join us on our journey. We are excited that we were asked to be leaders and are looking forward to seeing how God will work in all of our lives to fulfill His purpose.

WHEN: Wed. @ 7:00 PM    |    FREQUENCY: Bi-Weekly    |   CHILDCARE:No    |    CAPACITY: Full

yomi obiri

New group - Bio coming soon!

WHEN: Thursdays @ 7 PM   |   FREQUENCY: Bi-Weekly  |  CHILDCARE: No    |   CAPACITY: 15

Anthony calabrese

I feel called by God to encourage others as I have been encouraged through fellowship and prayer as a member of past small groups. I also feel that the sermons at TOV are worth reflecting on during the week. As our church currently does not have a building (but may have one eventually) it’s worth remembering that church is not a building and that worshipping the Lord is not just for Sundays - small groups play an important spiritual role and I am humbled to host a group

WHEN: Thurs. @ 7:00 PM    |    FREQUENCY: Weekly |  CHILDCARE: No    |    CAPACITY: 7

JAke Danner

Opening my home to host a small group is an answer to prayer in my life. I believe the special type of encouragement, conviction, prayer, and fellowship that is found in small groups can rarely be seen or felt elsewhere. My desire going forward is that my home would serve as a place to facilitate the fellowship that is written about in Hebrews 10:24-25.

WHEN: Wed. @ 6:30 PM    |    FREQUENCY: Bi-Weekly    |  CHILDCARE:No    |    CAPACITY: Full

jim & michele Shaner

We decided to host and lead a small group so that we can share how God has been calling us to share our journey as we grow in our relationship with Jesus Christ.  We enjoy sharing how God works in our lives and hearing how He works in others’ lives as well.  We look forward to meeting and getting to know new people and growing those new friendships, as well as strengthening existing friendships, all through the love of Jesus Christ.

WHEN: Thurs. @ 6:00 PM    |    FREQUENCY: Bi-Weekly  |   CHILDCARE: No    |    CAPACITY: 12

J.Michael & Lora Bell

North Fayette
We are excited to open our home to connect with members of our church family.  Our desire is to fellowship and grow together as believers.  We will have a babysitter there to watch over the kids while the adults discuss the message in more depth and share praises and prayer requests.  We are looking forward to meeting you and can’t wait to see how God works in our lives! J. Michael, Lora, and Lydia (age 9)

WHEN: Wed. @ 6:30 PM   |   FREQUENCY: 1st & 3rd Wednesday |  CHILDCARE: Yes    |   CAPACITY: 12

Keith & Gail Hoppe

Knowing that spiritual health and growth comes from meeting together with other Christians in a smaller intimate setting, we are excited about going to the next level with others from our TOV church family.

WHEN: Thurs. @ 7:00 PM    |    FREQUENCY: Weekly     |   CHILDCARE: No     |    CAPACITY: 15